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Saludos, buscando he encontrado algo de informacion sobre un estudio que esta aprobado por el gobierno británico. Un laboratorio prueba que los e-cigs son menos dañinos que los cigarros normales

Analysis of Components from Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Cartridges; Tobacco Flavour Light Smoking Liquid
(el  archivo .pdf con el informe esta adjunto al post)

Una notica sobre esto:
Government Approved Lab Finds E Cigarettes Are Much Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes
It seems that the only lab that does not approve of the e cigarette is the U.S. Food And Drug Administration
Published on November 14, 2009

by Tiffany Ellis



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LPD Services, a U.K. based lab that is fully accredited has submitted the results of its findings on the Gamucci line of e-cigarettes. As most have suspected, the lab indicated that the electronic cigarette is much safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There have been several reports from highly credible labs around the world on the e cigarette. One from South Africa, New Zealand, the U.K. and several others that are high profile in nature and performed by stout anti-smoking advocates that believe in harm reduction.  All of these labs came back with the same result: the e cigarette is many times safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There seems to be an air of change on the horizon concerning the e cigarette with strong lab results supporting claims of a smarter and safer choice over the tobacco cigarette. Top anti-smoking advocates like Dr Murray Laugesen, who has been the recipient of  top awards from the World Health Organization in his fight against the harm of tobacco, supports the e cigarette.

Professor Michael Siegel is a doctor also and another strong advocate for harm reduction who fully supports the advancement and study of the e cigarette with a belief that the product could save millions from death by tobacco.  Millions more could be saved from second hand smoke, as well.

Bill Godshall, a 25 year veteran of the anti-smoking and harm reduction movement has helped to establish policy and influenced bills that were to help protect the public from the harm of tobacco cigarettes to the public in general. He is also a strong supporter of the e cigarette. Click Here for the lab report by Gamucci.

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