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Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Binding Activity and Quantitative Analysis of Cannabis sativa L. Smoke and Vapor


Division of Pharmacognosy, Section of Metabolomics, Institute of Biology, Leiden University; P.O. Box 9502, 2300RA
Leiden, the Netherlands.

Received September 9, 2009; accepted November 10, 2009; published online November 24, 2009

Cannabis sativa L. (cannabis) extracts, vapor produced by the Volcano® vaporizer and smoke made from burning cannabis joints were analyzed by GC-flame ionization detecter (FID), GC-MS and HPLC. Three different medicinal cannabis varieties were investigated Bedrocan®, Bedrobinol® and Bediol®. Cannabinoids plus other components such as terpenoids and pyrolytic by-products were identified and quantified in all samples. Cannabis vapor and smoke was tested for cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) binding activity and compared to pure D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC). The top five major compounds in Bedrocan® extracts were D9-THC, cannabigerol
(CBG), terpinolene, myrcene, and cis-ocimene in Bedrobinol® D9-THC, myrcene, CBG, cannabichromene (CBC), and camphene in Bediol® cannabidiol (CBD), D9-THC, myrcene, CBC, and CBG. The major components in Bedrocan® vapor (1.0 mg/g) were D9-THC, terpinolene, myrcene, CBG, cis-ocimene and CBD in Bedrobinol® D9-THC, myrcene and CBD in Bediol® CBD, D9-THC, myrcene, CBC and terpinolene. The major components in Bedrocan® smoke (1.0 mg/g) were D9-THC, cannabinol (CBN), terpinolene, CBG, myrcene and
cis-ocimene in Bedrobinol® D9-THC, CBN and myrcene in Bediol® CBD, D9-THC, CBN, myrcene, CBC and terpinolene. There was no statistically significant difference between CB1 binding of pure D9-THC compared to cannabis smoke and vapor at an equivalent concentration of D9-THC.

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